EB BOMBAS’ BSC line is formed by single stage pumps with double suction impeller and axially split volute casing. They are used for pumping large flows of clean or impure liquids, among other applications. Its axially split casing on the shaft centerline, added to the integrally cast suction and discharge nozzles in lower part of volute casing, thus allows its rotating assembly group to be inspected or disassembled without disconnecting the pump from the pipelines. Our BSC range is available in more than 50 different sizes, with horizontal and vertical configurations, with numerous combinations of construction materials. Through its double suction impeller, the BSC line offers wide hydraulic coverage with high efficiency, low NPSH values required and a large operating range of flow and head. The constant research and development ensures EB BOMBAS’ products the continuous improvement in order to meet the newest technical requirements of the market. The availability of spare parts integrated with a first class service, guarantee our clients the choice of the right partnership.


  • Water Management;
  • Drainage;
  • Sugar and Alcohol Mills
  • Oil and gas;
  • Power Plants;
  • Cooling Tower
  • Serviços de Incêndio;;
  • Petrochemicals.


  • Flow:
    From 100 to 12.000 m³/h;
  • Head:
    Up to 200 mca;
  • Maximum work pressure:
    25 kgf/cm²;
  • Maximum rotational speed:
    5.000 rpm;
  • Shaft Sealing:
    Gaskets or Mechanical Sealing.


  • Carbon Steel;
  • Bronze;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Special alloys.