EB BOMBAS’ BEE and BES lines are formed by specially projected pumps for operations which require high working pressures. They are type multistage with horizontally segmented body, available in several sizes for different applications. In some sizes, there are two types of impeller and diffusers sets, thus achieving an excellent degree of efficiency over wide ranges. The axial thrust produced by the single suction impellers is balanced by an axial balance device. This device consists of a piston and a balance drum, which ensure perfect balance. Sealing can be made by gaskets or mechanical seal. In the case of sealing by mechanical seal, it must be balanced. The constant research and development ensures EB BOMBAS’ products the continuous improvement in order to meet the newest technical requirements of the market. The availability of spare parts integrated with a first class service, guarantee our clients the choice of the right partnership.


  • Water & Wastewater treatment and water supply;
  • Power plant;
  • Condensed;
  • Steel mill;
  • Chemical & Petrochemical industry.


  • Flow:
    From 15 to 850 m³/h;
  • Head:
    Up to 1.500 mca;
  • Maximum work pressure:
    200 kgf/cm²
  • Maximum rotational speed;
    3550 rpm;
  • Maximum power:
    1.250 cv;
  • Shaft Sealing:
    Gaskets or Sealing.


  • STARDARD - ASTM A448 CL30;
  • Carbon Steel;
  • Bronze;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Special alloys;